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Getting Started

Open Beta is currently in Open Beta. To get started for free, click here.

What is is a business observability tool that helps teams share metrics and data insights in workspaces, like Slack, email and Microsoft Teams. Using, teams can centrally define metrics and use Reports and Subscriptions to deliver the data that matters where teams collaborate and take action. With an existing semantic layer solution, teams can get straight to using Reports and Subscriptions through integrations with Looker, Cube and the dbt Semantic Layer.

What you'll need

  • A database with credentials to access one of our supported data sources.
  • A set of metrics that you'd like to track. If you do not have metrics in mind, you can schedule time with our team to help you design your metrics framework.
  • A destination, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Depending on your organization settings you may need approval from an administrator.

Need additional help

You can always contact us by emailing