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Follow our setup guide to connect your BigQuery data warehouse to


To connect BigQuery to, you need the following:

  • The ability to create service accounts in Google Cloud Console.

Step 1 - Create a service account in the cloud console

Create service account

Step 2 - Grant permissions

  • Select and grant the BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery User roles
Add Bigquery Admin permissions

Step 3 - Create a key and download the file

Manage keys

Step 4 - Whitelist IP Addresses (if necessary) connects to your warehouse from the following IP addresses. Be sure to allow traffic from these IPs in your firewall, and include them in any database grants.

Region/DeploymentIP Addresses

Step 5 - Configure the connection in

  • Copy the project_id from URL
  • Upload the JSON key file

Enhanced Security Controls

To implement dataset level permissioning, please see GCP's most up-to-date documentation.