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Follow our setup guide to connect your Redshift data warehouse to


To connect Redshift to, you need the following:

  • A Redshift account with the appropriate permissions to create a user.

Step 1 - Create the warehouse connection

  1. Log in to your Redshift data warehouse at

  2. Create a user with read permissions to the schema and tables that you want to connect from.

  3. If data will be written back to the warehouse from, add a schema and permissions to allow the user to write to a specific schema.

Step 2 - Whitelist IP Addresses (if necessary) connects to your warehouse from the following IP addresses. Be sure to allow traffic from these IPs in your firewall, and include them in any database grants.

Region/DeploymentIP Addresses

Step 3 - Configure the connection in

  1. Add the Host, Port, Database, Username, Password

  2. (Optional) Configure the schema name to write to. By default, data will be written to PUSH_AI.

  3. Click Test Redshift to confirm the connection settings.

  4. Click Connect Redshift to complete the connection.