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Building Reports

Our report builder allows teams to easily build, deliver and automate reporting processes.

Adding Metrics and Dimensions

Dimensions can be applied individually at the metric level or at the report level (across all metrics in the report). When applying metrics at the report-level, a dimension must be shared across all metrics. If you're unable to add a dimension or a metric when using dimensions at the report-level, you can either remove metrics that don't contain that dimension or add the dimension to those metrics, if applicable.

When using dimensions in a report, we limit to the top 20 dimension values (by metric value) to avoid exceeding character limits in messaging tools. We will soon add support to configure which dimension values are included in a report.

Formatting and Layout Options

Metric and Dimension Layout

When using dimensions in Reports, dimensions applied at the report-level can be displayed at the highest level of the report structure (i.e., dimensions as groups) or within each metric. Dimensions applied at the metric level will display within the hierarchy of that metric.

Calculation Layout

Calculations can be displayed in a single line (or horizontally) or stacked (vertically). Single line layouts are more compact but can cause formatting difficulties. We recommended sending test reports to identify the best format for each report.


The order of display for metrics and calculations can be adjusted in the report builder.

For reports using dimensions, dimension values will be ordered alphabetically and limited to the top-20 dimension values (by metric value). Support for additional configuration options will be coming soon.

Distribute by Dimension

This feature allows users to distribute reports in more complex use-cases. Using dimensions, users can configure reports to send to multiple destinations containing the data for each dimension value.

For example, a sales team might track metrics around contacts and opportunity at the aggregate and sales rep level. Using those sales metrics and the sales rep as a dimension, a report could be generated for each sales rep to help them track their individual metrics.