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Create and Manage Subscriptions

Subscribing to metrics and dimensions

To create a Subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Data section of your web application.
  2. Select the metrics and dimension values you want to subscribe to. Examples include:
    • Metrics: I'm a CMO and want to follow the metrics I manages.
    • Dimension Values: I'm a marketing manager and want to follow the channels I manage
  3. Configure your subscription preferences in Notification Preferences.

Configuring Subscriptions

You can manage your subscription settings through Notification Preferences in the web application:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notification Preferences.
  2. Customize the frequency to receive updates, either Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  3. Choose your preferred destination among Slack, Email or Microsoft Teams.
  4. Save your changes to update your preferences.

Additional Set Up for Subscriptions in Slack

To receive a Subscription in Slack, you must first connect your Slack user to your user:

  1. Navigate to Member Management in your dashboard.
  2. Find your user profile and click on Connect Slack.
  3. Select your Slack profile from a list of profiles in your Slack workspace.